2 FANUC LR Mate 200iB/5C Cleanroom Robot for Sale

June 23, 2020

FANUC Lr Mate 200ib

Robots Done Right has acquired 2 FANUC LR Mate 200ib/5C robots with R-J3IB controllers from a seller in Virginia. The Lrmate 200ib/5c is made to perform automated assembly and robotic pick and place in cleanroom environments. Cleanroom robots have added protection to allow them to safety operate in laboratory and food setting without contaminating products. The LR Mate 200ib is the predecessor to the high speed FANUC Lr Mate 200ic. These FANUC robots were previously used in in a medical setting and feature an integrated end of arm tooling. This used fanuc robot will be consigned to one of our partners to be evaluated, reconditioned and made available for sale.