Fanuc gantry robot

Benefits of Automating with Gantry Robots

Gantry robots are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional 6-axis robot for manufacturing automation. They can be deployed for many of the same applications as articulated robots including machine tending, assembly, palletizing, material handling, and dispensing. Applications that do not require complex motions are ideal for gantry robots. Implementing a FANUC M-710ic/70T gantry systems for an application can be more advantageous than using a standard articulated robot. In fact, there are many benefits to automating with gantry robots when an application is appropriate.

  • Saves on Floorspace - Many may not realize because of the rail system of a gantry robot, but they actually take up less floorspace than stationary 6-axis robots. Since they can either be configured above or below the work envelope, floorspace is freed up to be used more efficiently. Gantry robots can also be placed closer to the work area than other industrial robots because they do not require additional guarding. This makes them an ideal solution for those with limited space or wanting to free up floorspace to expand their operations using robots.

  • Larger Work Envelopes - Since gantry robots are mounted onto a linear rail, they are able to cover larger work envelopes than stationary floor mounted robots. The rail system allows for large rectangular or cubic work areas. They can quickly move through large work areas with the guidance of their rail system. In addition, the rail system can be scaled to larger proportions should more space be required for manufacturing.

  • Enhanced Versatility - Gantry robot systems are extremely versatile. Their axes can be easily upgraded or changed with little reconfiguration needed. Not only can their work envelope be expanded, but the rail system can also be disassembled and setup for multiple single axis configurations. This makes them a perfect solution for those with constantly changing product lines. They can also be modified to meet special work environment requirements such as noise control or protection from hazards.

  • Positioning Accuracy - The ability of a robot to correctly place parts is its positioning accuracy. Since gantry robots operate either above or below and closer to production lines, they tend to be more accurate when it comes to part placement.

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