FANUC CRX-25iA Overview

The FANUC CRX-25iA features the highest payload and longest reach of the CRX collaborative robots. The CRX25iA has 6 axes, a payload of 25 kg, and a reach of 1,889 mm. The higher payload and longer reach of the CRX-25ia allows for heavier EOAT integrations and part handling. The CRX 25iA is fully protected from liquid and dust intrusion with an IP67 rating, making it capable of operating in some of the harshest work environments. The CRX-25i/A is paired with FANUC’s R-30iB Mini Plus controller.

The FANUC CRX.25i.A is easy to program, featuring the hand guidance technology that has made FANUC’s other cobots popular. In addition to hand guidance, the CRX/25iA also features FANUC’s latest teach pendant interface with drag and drop programming, which further eases the learning curve of this cobot. The CRX.25iA can be programmed within minutes with either option. Maintenance is also simplified with none required for the first 8 years of its operation. These features make the CRX/25i-A ideal for new robot users.

This cobot also features built-in safety devices ensuring safe interactions with workers. The CRX-25iA can perform or assist workers with palletizing, material handling, packaging, and many other applications.


Axes 6
Payload: 25 KG (55.11 lbs)
Reach: 1889 MM (74.37 in)
Repeatability: ±0.05mm (.0019 in)
Robot Mass: 135 KG (297.62 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
J1 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J2 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J3 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J4 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J5 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J6 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 - 360°
J2 - 360°
J3 - 540°
J4 - 380°
J5 - 360°
J6 - 450°

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