Advantages of Automating with Yaskawa Motoman GP Robots

The Yaskawa Motoman GP series features an extensive line of general purpose industrial robots. The GP articulated robots are available in a wide variety of payload and reach configurations. From small to large robots and everything in between, robotic users are likely to find the ideal handling robot for their production needs in the GP series. Automating with a GP series industrial robot arm provides several advantages which include:

  • • Fast Speeds - All GP series industrial robots feature incredibly fast operation speeds. Axis speeds of the GP robots have been increased by 39% compared to previous generations of Yaskawa Motoman handling robots. The GP robots also feature better control for accelerations and decelerations in all robotic manipulator positions. The GP7 offers the fastest speed in its class. With the improved speed of the GP series robots, cycle times will significantly decrease. Shorter cycle times means greater throughput allowing for productivity gains.

  • • High Density Operations - The GP series factory robots are ideal for operating in high-density layouts. They feature a reduced interference design with a compact footprint and slim robot manipulator. Most of the GP robots also feature internal cabling which further decreases the chance of obstruction. The GP25 along with the other GP robots can be installed in close proximity to manufacturing robot arms, machinery, and workpieces without hindering their operation. The high-density operation of these six axis robots makes for more efficient use of floorspace.

  • • High IP Ratings - Another advantage of the GP series robots is they come standard with high IP ratings. Most of the GP robots feature an IP67 rated wrist and an IP54 rated body. These manufacturing robot arms can operate in harsh or sanitary work environments and be easily cleaned. The GP50 comes resistant to dust and water intrusion without having to upgrade. Some of the GP robots offer the option to increase the IP protection of the robot body from IP54 to IP65.

  • • Easy Installation and Maintenance - Installation and maintenance are made easy with the Yaskawa GP180 and the other GP robots. Only one cable is needed to connect the controller and robot which decreases wiring time and simplifies installation. Maintenance requirements are reduced as cables and air lines are internally routed through the robot base to the upper arm. This prevents snagging and premature cable wear, extending cable life.

  • • Large Work Envelope - The GP robots feature wider work areas which allows them to handle larger parts for their payloads. Each GP robot consists of a maximum horizontal and vertical reach that expand their work envelope. High wrist allowable moment and inertia ratings also allow the GP robots to cover greater work areas. Some of the GP robots, including the GP215, can extend their work envelope behind them.

  • • Multipurpose Capabilities - Designed for general purpose use, the GP series robots can automate a variety of applications including material handling, material removal, and machine tending. The GP12 can be deployed for multiple projects throughout its lifetime with its multipurpose use. GP robots can easily adapt to process or part changes. With the GP robots users will gain the flexibility to easily adapt to fluctuating consumer demands.

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