Selling your used robot

Selling your used robot

In today’s competitive manufacturing world industrial robots have become an integral component to help companies keep up with high demands and to give them an edge on their competition. However, as important as robotics is in manufacturing, there may come a time when you will need to sell your industrial robot. Due to the high demand for industrial robots there is a huge market for used ones, which helps sellers recapture a good portion of their investment when reselling. In fact, many companies seek out used robots, like the FANUC LR Mate 200ic, due to their affordability.

Top Reasons to Sell a Used Robot

There are many reasons a company may decide to sell a used robot. A well-maintained used robot can operate for several years to even several decades. Due to the long life-span of industrial robots such as the FANUC r-2000ib/210F, there is high demand for the purchase of used ones. Because of the extended shelf life of robots, many companies choose to sell them for reasons other than their condition. In fact, the top reasons to sell an industrial robot are not related to the condition of the robot at all.

  • A seller is looking to downsize their robotic equipment that is no longer in use.

  • A seller is looking to upgrade their robotic equipment to a new model or to a different robot brand. For example, a seller may trade-in thier Fanuc Arcmate 100ib in order to purchase a new Arcmate 100id.

  • The production process for the seller has changed and their current robot model does not meet the new requirements, such as a longer work envelope.

  • A seller is looking to sell their used robot in order to free up limited floorspace

  • The robotic application has changed, and the seller’s current industrial robot cannot perform the new application needs.

Benefits of Selling a Used Robot

As mentioned above, the used robotic market is in high demand due to the affordability and long life-span of robots. This is extremely advantageous to sellers since this demand allows them to be able to receive top dollar for their used robotic systems. Sellers also do not have to worry about spending long amounts of time searching for a buyer, as there are many robotic equipment companies that will buy used robots, such as Robots Done Right. This makes the sale of a used robot quick and painless. Many times, transactions can he handled as quickly as the same day, allowing sellers to immediately recapture a portion of their return on investment. This newly realized capital can then be put towards other aspects of the business. Another benefit of selling a used robot is that it can make the purchase of a new robot model more affordable. The trade-in value of the used robot can be applied to the purchase price of the new model, making upgrading cost-effective. When you decide it is time to sell your used robot, it may be best to consider selling to a robotic equipment company, such as Robots Done Right. Robots Done Right purchases numerous used robots for resale, including top brands FANUC, ABB, Motoman, and KUKA.

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